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[Phys-L] Science Fairs and a classical example of the "Scientific Method"

"The discovery and elucidation of aberration is now regarded as a classic case of the application of scientific method <>, in which observations are made to test a theory, but unexpected results are sometimes obtained that in turn lead to new discoveries. It is also worth noting that part of the original motivation of the search for stellar parallax was to test the Copernican theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun, but of course the existence of aberration also establishes the truth of that theory.” <>

Note also: a method of measuring c, he obtained 2.95 ... close to 2.9979… ...

My path: presidents’ religion, Unitarianism, Priestly, Wilkinson (tuyeres), Copley Medal, Bradley, Aberration (no mention of the water filled telescope, is next century), relativity, etc.