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Re: [Phys-L] [**External**] Re: [**External**] Photoelectric effect: electron current vs. frequency

On 2021/Nov/10, at 13:00, Brian Whatcott <> wrote:

John Denker wrote:>I would think current out of the target equals current into>(i.e. through) the ammeter (assuming more-or-less steady>state conditions). Conservation of electrons. More precisely,>and more to the point: conservation of charge. /snip/
It is possible to shine a light beam at a photoelectric emitterwhich is insulated from its surround. Those departing electrons leave the surface more and more positiveuntil at length the electron cloud inhibits further field current.
<g> Brian

That’s the method I introduced in the advanced lab. at UCSC, which I then immediately downgraded to the intermediate lab, as this made the experiment trivial. There is more detail to it than just measuring the ultimate EMF.

bc…. can’t stand the word voltage.