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Re: [Phys-L] numerical methods


If I was trying really hard to be miserly with the clock cycles
I might try something else that didn't require the evaluation
of 2 different transcendental functions.

I disagree, because exp() and sinh() are both transcendental
functions. One exp() and one sinh() is no worse than two exp()s.

True, but I was kind of hoping that, if needed, one could dispense with at least one or, preferably, both of the trancendental evaluations regardless of what they may be named--presumably using some sort of specialized DIY evaluations.

BTW FWIW I prefer the name sinhc(x) = sinh(x)/x which is
perhaps not perfect, but it is memorable, in analogy to the
established name sinc(x) = sin(x)/x.

I like it. It's a lot shorter than compsinc. I didn't know there already was a good/better name for it.

Dave Bowman