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Re: [Phys-L] void problem for 10 days + entertainment response


My thoughts:

On 2020/May/05, at 12:38, Richard Tarara via Phys-l <> wrote:

Seems to me the critical factor is localized population density

What I going to post. (pop. density)

I posted earlier the more than double difference between Monterey and Santa Barbara counties. An inventory of community living may explain.

--smaller areal choices than by county. While very much at risk for various reasons, nursing home/assisted care facilities have large population densities and by their very nature feature lots of person to person interactions. Not a surprise to me how big city life-styles like New York City are having such wide-spread infections. More familiar with Chicago, but the 'on the street' culture there seems somewhat different. (Bottom line, IMO. is that there are too many variables to expect well behaved statistics.)

How does the Central Limit T. apply?
Fortunately for Andorra the Tourism season is after the epidemic [12 million/ annum for a resident pop. of < 100k!!!)