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Re: [Phys-L] hands-on activity: Dirac String Trick

This is great. Thx for sharing.
I like your informative page. And the reference list is good, in particular
the first reference: Ethan D. Bolker, “The Spinor Spanner”. Am. Math. Mon.
80, 977 (Nov. 1973)
I was CS student at UMass Boston early '80s and Ethan Bolker was an
influential teacher there, very popular with the CS students.

There is a patent device based on this that is described in an AJP
article: Some mechanisms related to Dirac’s strings Edgar Rieflin Citation:
American Journal of Physics 47, 379 (1979)
And Dick Berg has a good page about the Dirac Rope Trick here:

and here:

I enjoyed this. Yhx.
- JZ
Gerald Zani
Senior Engineering Technician
Brown University
(401) 863-9571