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Re: [Phys-L] six days

I’ve added a bunch (California). to

More soon.

bc. thinks low (small?). R^2 due to few datums (not Latin) in Oklahoma graph.

Contrary to Paul N’s supposition, nearly all my exponential fits are in the R^2’ed 0.99 + region. My intuition is it has something to do w/ the CLT.

I've many more exponentially fitted graphs not posted here:

BTW, If below were true it’d be easy to make the "fake” data “messy".

On 2020/Mar/20, at 12:52, Paul Nord <> wrote:

One of the critiques of the data provided by the Chinese government was
that the R-squared value for a simple model was too good. Data about
something as "messy" as people are unlikely to be 0.7 or above. You've got
.997 for that. Thoughts?


On 2020/Mar/29, at 15:53, brian whatcott <> wrote:

Here is today's plot product for Oklahoma <>

[sorry for the previous post - out of practice sharing with Phys-l!]

Brian W