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Re: [Phys-L] Great Conjunction

I see, is computerized, so can be altazimuth, mine is ancient (nearly previous cent.), so equatorial. It includes sun and moon drive, and I added Sky Vector II (digital setting circles). I’ll likely have my bottom of the line Canon ride piggy back on the telescope with 500 mm lens. (or the auto zoom 300?)

P.S. You don't have to wait until the winter solstice to see Jupiter and
Saturn. They are visible all month. They appear 2° apart (4 moon diameters)
on December 1. Watch them slowly move closer together every night. On
December 16 they'll be just one Moon diameter (0.5°) apart.

So assuming linear: ~ 0.1 deg./day.

Too bad not convenient to time lapse.

On 2020/Nov/30, at 17:19, Anthony Lapinski <> wrote:

The C-8 is a great telescope! The newest ones are here: <>

We have the 6SE. Great features! Hopefully skies will be clear that night.
I imagine there will be photos in magazines and online.