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[Phys-L] Debunking Handbook 2020

Hi Folks --

The general topic of debunking is central to any form of teaching
(and to other activities as well).

There is a new (2020) version of the Debunking Handbook.
It is heavily revised to take into account new research,
and greatly expanded. In particular, compared to the previous
version, it worries less about "backfire" aka "backlash" effects

It rings true to me.

It's nowhere near the whole story.

I like to emphasize this:
You have to win their trust before you can win the argument.

For this reason among others, rather than directly attacking a misconception,
it often pays to dig down to find some point of agreement, consolidate that
point, and then gradually move forward from there.

I would also add that /humor/ is important. You can win over an audience
more quickly with jokes than with syllogisms.