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[Phys-L] atmosphere

Any atmospheric scientists on this list? I'm teaching about the Earth in my
(high school) astronomy class. We're discussing the origin of our
atmosphere (78% N2, 21% O2). Fascinating! Trying to keep it basic, but I
realize it is complex. Wasn't Earth's ancient atmosphere just H and He?
Oxygen came from plant life and photosynthesis (and sunlight breaking down
water). Fine. But how did we get so much nitrogen? Can volcanoes and comets
account for all of it? In addition, we discuss the greenhouse effect and
the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere, how it affects our surface
temperature, and compare this to Venus and Mars. Yet those planets have no
nitrogen. Why is Earth's atmosphere so unique? Does anyone really know with
any certainty? Is there much research about the origin/evolution of Earth's
atmosphere? I would appreciate any thoughts/references/videos that could



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