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[Phys-L] How to rid of juvies Re: non-linear ears.

In England some shops blast ~ 15kHz out front.

I heard the Horiz. osc (15.75 Hz) for many years and am still puzzled as to the source. Vibration in the output tube, electrostatic vibration from near the the EHT wiring? Not the ferite core, or the Cu windings.

On 2020/Oct/29, at 20:03, Jeff Bigler <> wrote:

A few years ago I had a student who could hear up to almost 80 kHz. (I turned the knob slowly back and forth to confirm, and her hand went up and down reliably at the same point.) I asked her whether she could hear noise from things like CRTs, fluorescent lights, etc. She confirmed that she always heard these things, but for her whole life up to that point everyone told her that she was wrong and that she was just imagining it.

bc thinks is a woman.