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[Phys-L] Beyond ‘test-optional’: Some ‘test-free’ colleges drop the SAT and ACT entirely

From the Gomorrah Post:

«The California Institute of Technology attracts a certain kind of student, driven to explore science and engineering at the highest levels. It tells prospective applicants mathematics is “the bedrock of all coursework” at the school. More than 90 percent who apply are turned away. Most who enrolled in recent years had perfect or near-perfect math scores on the SAT or ACT.

But Caltech won’t even consider those tests in the selection of its next two entering classes. It is in the vanguard of a small but growing movement to eliminate the ACT and SAT from admission decisions. The immense educational disruptions of the novel coronavirus pandemic, especially shortages of seats at testing centers, have fueled the development.

Others experimenting with this approach include the University of California at Berkeley and some other UC campuses, Reed College in Oregon, the California State University System and Washington State University.»

Much additional detail here:

Words fail to express how surprised I am not.