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Re: [Phys-L] Circular Motion in 20 GIFs

On 1/20/2018 4:50 PM, Derek McKenzie wrote:
/snip/ I came across a video that
... was ... about Playland's Derby Racer, which
is a carousel for grownups. I GIF'd out the parts where staff embark on
this high-speed ride and annotated them (after watching them carefully
many times over!).

Here's the standalone footnote:

And here's the original compilation if you don't know what I'm talking

Hope it proves useful to somebody out there.

The standing start carousel access technique seemed strangely familiar. I put my finger on the reason: a youth spent in a town with mass bus transit and buses with access platforms at the rear with a vertical handhold column. The kid trick was to dismount while the bus was slowing to a halt. At 10 or 15 mph perhaps, one dropped off the platform, facing forwards and leaning back, and ready to make contact with the black-top at a run, from which it was then easy to slow to a stop.

Brian W