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[Phys-L] FCI (Force Concept Inventory) available in 21 languages, MBT in 11 languages

Please forward this to physics educators.

August, 2014
The Force Concept Inventory (1995 revision -- I. Halloun, R.R. Hake, E.P. Mosca, and D. Hestenes) is available (as password-protected.pdf) in 21 languages, to educators .
Visit <> and click on "Research and Evaluation".

Articles about the FCI by David Hestenes and others can be downloaded there.

The Mechanics Baseline Test (MBT; Hestenes & Wells) is available (as password-protected .pdf) in 11 languages, at that webpage.

We are thankful to physics faculty and high school physics teachers who volunteered to make these translations. Please reply to me, Jane Jackson <>, if you know of translations in more languages, or if you want to translate the FCI or MBT into another language.

Jane Jackson, Co-Director, Modeling Instruction Program
Box 871504, Dept. of Physics, ASU, Tempe, AZ 85287
AMTA lifetime member

"Conceptual learning is a creative act, coordinating mental models with symbolic forms. This contrasts with rote learning, which is memorizing representational names, rules and procedures apart from conceptual structure and meaning." -- David Hestenes