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Re: [Phys-L] Possible to use a tablet computer as a Wacom drawing tablet?

On Tue, 05 Aug 2014 21:16:05 -0700, you wrote:

On 08/05/2014 03:31 PM, wrote:

This may be a crazy request: I want to use a tablet computer as a
Wacom drawing tablet so that the screen can be visualized on the
tablet computer.

See 4:40 in the video at

I didn't see anything special in the vicinity of 4:40.

I stated 4:40 to put the question in context. Using the tablet starts
at 5:05.

The handwritten information was input using a Wacom Intuos drawing
tablet. A PC is running the PowerPoint and recording the video. *This
cannot change.* I struggle with writing on gray plastic while looking
at the screen. I would much prefer to see what I am writing where I am
writing it.

I assume the aforementioned PC is not a tablet PC, and
cannot be upgraded to a tablet PC. Otherwise, the objective
would be trivially achieved.

Correct. The PC is a desktop. There are two issues with doing the
recording on the tablet. (1) The software to do the green screen runs
on windows. My tablet is Android. (2) My head would probably not be in
the tablet camera when I was writing on the tablet and the act of
writing would jiggle the tablet, causing me to move on screen.

I have access to a Samsung Note 10.1 2014. Is there an app that
regularly receives a screen shot from the computer and displays that
on the tablet, and then upload the annotation from the tablet to the

It's possible. I have been known to use VNC for that sort
of thing.

In particular, to answer a question that wasn't asked,
this allows walking around the room with a portable tablet.
A wireless VNC link back to the "main" computer allows
the whole class to see what happening on the tablet.

Actually, the tablet can be connected via USB for these recordings.
There is lots of software to remote control a PC wirelessly. Splashtop
is getting great reviews lately.


Even though it is possible to use a tablet PC in place of
a graphics tablet, it is not necessarily a good idea.

Note that the digitizer on a tablet PC is typically very
much worse than the digitizer on a Wacom tablet. You lose
a lot of XY resolution, and all but one bit of Z (pressure)

Some newer tablets, including mine, have xy resolution equivalent to
the screen resolution (1920 × 1280) and several hundred bits of z
resolution (pressure sensitivity). (Not as good as a Wacom tablet, but
fine for my purposes.)

I've been thinking about Splashtop more ... it is a remote desktop
application that might work.

Dr. Roy Jensen
Lecturer, Chemistry
E5-33F, University of Alberta