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Re: [Phys-L] einstein anecdote

I think I shared this once before. Sorry if it's a repeat.

I survey my kids each year so I can get to know their background, etc.
One of the questions is this:

List any things you were taught in school that you do not believe.

If you ask this, you may/will be very surprised at what they write... writes:
Good, interesting comments.

Yes, John, it is easy to get off-topic with this. Your comment "Indeed,
in my opinion these are issues that impinge directly on the teaching of
physics" is my concern. The issue is the best way to discuss these sorts
of media representations of physics in a classroom setting- being sure to
get the history as correct as one can manage. Not easy!

Our students are faced with such a wide variety physics images, such as
the new Cosmos with Tyson, to the Big Bang Theory comedy (which I
personally detest), to the Einstein link I shared...students share these
things with me and ask for a response. I do my best.

Thanks for sharing folks!


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So once again we are "off topic." Personally, I don't mind at all.
Indeed, in my opinion these are issues that impinge directly on the
teaching of physics. But I also know from experience that were I to
respond to some of the assertions here whose implications I take
significant issue with, I would be accused of getting into territory that
has no place on this list.

So be it.

John Mallinckrodt
Cal Poly Pomona
Forum for Physics Educators