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[Phys-L] Lower limit for a slit width?


I have discussed diffraction with my HS students; we have done some simple experiments using various diffraction gratings and laser beam. One condition for observing a diffraction pattern is that the wavelength of light (or any wave) is roughly in the same order as the slit width. If the wavelenght is much smaller than the slit width, there is no diffraction pattern (or it can be observed only at the edges). Obviously, the width can be smaller than wavelength. This prompted a question from a student: is there a lower limit for a slit width, say, in terms of wavelenght for seeing a diffraction pattern?

I think not but what do you say?


Antti Savinainen
Viesti on tarkastettu roskapostinsuodatus- ja virustorjuntaohjelmistolla.