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Re: [Phys-L] Q of a non-linear oscillator

Thank you!

I'm just completing this method w/ my magnetic oscillator.

I presume for "... approximate energy?" approx. total E was assumed? However, I read somewhere for harmonic oscillators only <K> = <U>.

In that case 2<K or U> = <E>. Not tru for a non-lin. osc. So in my case K max equal tot. E, but not 2<E>.

I have the force law for the magnetic repulsion. Integrating that over the amplitude will give the total U which is not the harmonic case where the force is lin. (prop. to the distance) this the reason????


On 2013, Sep 12, , at 14:59, wrote:


Alex. F. Burr

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Can I assume the max. speed squared for each half cycle represents the
approximate energy?

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