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Re: [Phys-L] Car repair, making/hacking, etc.

On 4/13/2013 2:57 PM, Jim Deane wrote:
I get the feeling that nothing I say or refer to will change your mind, so I'll likely post no more on the topic. Some people asked for a link to the $30 bluetooth OBD2 interface. My interface is actually more than a decade old, uses a serial port, and cost about three times as much.

It must be fifteen years ago, but when I was the one and only software person modifying the C-5 simulator series, I was amazed when the maintenance supervisor there responsible for the efforts of possibly 15 techs, upped and left to work for an automobile dealership close to his home town. This was a comparatively well-paid job: rather more than some high-school teachers, I fancy. He was a sharp cookie: and I asked what he would be doing, he said he would be diagnosing and fixing cars with the new electronic tools. I was aghast then, but I understand the need now.

I suspect in fact, that Jim Deane is a more competent mechanic than most people who make a living in that line of work.
Yes, you ARE special, Jim! :-)

Brian W
Altus OK