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Re: [Phys-L] Modern cars and working on them...

On 2013, Apr 10, , at 13:48, Marty Weiss <> wrote:

Come on! The average guy cannot fix his car in his garage any longer! You simply can't diagnose a problem and repair the computer yourself. Take it to Pep Boys or the dealer or your trained mechanic. My mechanic must go back to school several times a year and otherwise spend money and time buying and maintainibg the proper equipment to repair my 2003 Altima. Brakes, maybe... but even then the more up to date cars have brake sensors and tire sensors to tell you if the inflation is low. mechanics are not ripping us off when they say they need specialized equipment and diagnostic electronics. It's the way that cars are manufactured now.
What you try to tell us here is patently false.

On Apr 10, 2013, at 2:04 PM, Jim Deane wrote:

From: Marty Weiss <>

There are no radios... no grandfather clocks... no cars which anyone can
take into their garage and work on. These things that we used to find fun
and intriguing to put together and repair do not exist any longer in the
world where everything is run by electronics and chips.

This now suggests cost -- The Prius is among the more computerized and expensive 'biles (purchase and repair). Yet ours is now 101k miles. The greatest expense was replacing a worn belt. I've replaced both head lamp bulbs. That's it except for the usual oil changes, AND the ground for the front and rear wind defrosters switches is intermittent. If the wheel is off center about 30 deg. it works. When extra time (It duplicates the panel touch switches), I'll ask the dealer how to uncover the commutator box (in the steering wheel) drill a hole and spray in contact cleaner. I succeeded dong this to a synchronous clock motor. (grease solidified)

bc wonders about the sparking plugs.