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Re: [Phys-L] sound intensity problem

On 2013, Apr 05, , at 14:38, John Denker <> wrote:

At higher frequencies, the wave won't even go 1 km. There's a reason
why foghorns operate at low frequency. OTOH it was surprisingly late
in the game (mid to late 19th century) before people figures this out.

Right; the Hollywood bowl sound system use approx. 32 X 3KW amps per channel

And that's only at the shell

Note the short throw distance.

House Speaker System:
Stereo Mains: 18 L-Acoustics V-DOSC 3-way enclosures and six dV-DOSC 2-way down fill enclosures per side.
Subwoofers: Eight L- Acoustics SB-218 Enclosures per side.
Power Amplification: 32 L- Acoustics LA-48a amplifiers (2900 watt/channel into 2 ohms).
Center Cluster: 17 L- Acoustics dV-DOSC 2 way enclosures.
Center Cluster Power Amplification: 12 L- Acoustics LA-48a amplifiers.
Center Down fill: Four L- Acoustics MTD-112B.
Total Vertical Coverage of Main Array: 42 degrees.
Far-throw distance: 450 feet

bc clued in by one of the San Francisco designers of the previous system.