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Re: [Phys-L] strange things in chem book

"Perhaps we could instead discuss constructive suggestions for how to
critical thinking, including how to deal with error-filled textbooks. As
a small step in that direction, here's a suggestion: For homework, ask
each student (a) to find something in the textbook that's seriously
and then (b) to explain the corresponding correct idea."
JSD included the above quote in one of his insightful posts to the list. I
for one an interested in suggestions on how to teach critical thinking, a
much needed skill notable for its absence in today's political and other
commentary.I think he may have set a task too difficult for most high school
or general physics students. In my experience most general physics texts
are not error filled. Oh, they have errors all right, and many have wording
that I would prefer were different, but it takes a lot of time and a
sophisticated knowledge of physics to spot true errors (as distinct from
oversimplifications). Nevertheless the basic suggestion is good. I would enlarge the
search domain to include any printed material. The chance of finding an
error with a reasonable effort is greatly increased. The requirement to
correct and explain the statement will teach some physics too.

Alex. F. Burr