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Re: [Phys-L] Higgs in a HS physics class

On 2012, Aug 09, , at 09:53, John Denker wrote:

Here's my take on this:

1) All the youtube videos I've seen fall into the category of
"being outside looking in". That is, the student gets to
/talk/ about physics without actually _doing_ any physics.
I suppose this is better than nothing ... but I find it quite
unsatisfying. Talking about food is not the same as actually

Of better cooking.

Reminds me of a recent cooking show wherein they "did" a little chemistry, i.e. discussed how salt prevented changes in the protein that woulda made the result "rubbery", and how initially using "high heat" would produce steam to reduce the density (I think they used "fluffy") of the result. After the initial steaming, the "heat" reduced to avoid over cooking, another rubbery result. Of course I eat for nutrition, so no salt and no fluffiness, I use only the microwave, except when I bake 100% rye bread, the "kit" from IKEA.

bc eschews added salt, sugar (corn syrup), and substitutes rye for wheat, i.e. no pasta or the usual bread.

p.s. I do often use xylitol in my coffee, and since Gate Keeper Seese, whose avocations are cooking and gardening** --mostly vegetables, is vacing in Denali, I've lost two pounds, mirabile dictu.

** bc inveigled into building raised beds, installing irrigation systems and rain barrels.