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Re: [Phys-L] [Phys-l] Poll shows fewer Americans "believe" in global warming

On 10/26/2012 8:21 PM, Bernard Cleyet wrote:
On 2012, Oct 26, , at 08:34, brian whatcott wrote:

Suppose there are 200 million cars in the US which account for all the man made CO2 increase in the atmosphere.
Suppose a tail pipe is 2 inch diameter, and emits 20% CO2 when the engine is running, which happens on average 2% of the time. To counter that effect, let's estimate the magnitude of the flux of a gas which is 1000 times more potent at cancelling the global heating effect than CO2 is at exciting the effect.

We will suppose that the palliative flux is emitted 100 times faster than an exhaust flow. What diameter of pipe should we visualize?
sqrt(2E8 cars X PI sq inches tail pipe area X 0.02 duty rate X 0.2 CO2 fraction X 0.001 potency factor X 0.01 flow ratio X 4/PI pipe diam to area ratio )- this provides me a back of the envelope estimate of 6 inches diameter for the quenching gas exit pipe diameter. This is certain to be an underestimate. This is described as a garden hose?

Brian W
p.s. A string of seven suppositions - is this a record?

I'm too lazy to follow your arithmetik, so I'll agree, especially as I rarely disagree w/ you. I'll do a very rough Fermi without numbers:

1, solar min.
2 previous vulcanism
3 the last one's tailpipe" a mile in D. and the exit pressure many atmospheres.

bc thinks the freakonomics guys were hyperbolizing.

This one?

Though the orifice be large, if the duty factor be low - and it is - then Fermi does not stand unchallenged

Brian W