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[Phys-L] Learning Assistant Workshop, now with travel support

2012 Colorado Learning Assistant Workshop Partnership Travel Grants
October 28-30, 2012 ~ Boulder, CO

All attendees are eligible for a Partnership Travel Grant of up to $1,000 to reimburse travel expenses. To receive a grant, you will need to complete a survey about your LA program or plans for a LA program, both before the workshop starts and again the following September. A link to the survey is available on the LA Workshop webpage.

The University of Colorado's Learning Assistant program is a highly supported peer teaching experience that has been shown to improve students' learning and attitudes toward science in undergraduate lecture classes and recruit talented science and math students into teaching careers.

There are only a few spots remaining, register now if interested.

Jacob Clark Blickenstaff, Ph.D.
Teacher Education Programs Manager
American Physical Society
One Physics Ellipse
College Park MD 20740
(301) 209-3278
Fax: (301)-209-3355