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Re: [Phys-L] [Phys-l] coherent state movies (was: quantum misconception #0003)

On 2012, Feb 29, , at 19:49, John Denker wrote:

Hi Folks --

I cobbled up some movies showing the behavior of quantum mechanical
coherent states, aka Glauber states. I also wrote up a few words of


Perusing JD's coherent states (link above), I note fig. 8 "looks like" an optical zone plate. Further JD states the areas between states are constant, which is like that of zone plate zones. So, a similarity of the maths?

bc made X band microwave zone plates with impressive result(s).

p.s. I just thought (after several years of using zone plates) that the source (reflex klystron) is rather coherent, no? Therefore, a Gaussian beam possible??? Mmmm ... two plates surrounding an iris? (spacial filter and expander)