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Re: [Phys-L] Display case suggestions?

On 2012, Oct 03, , at 10:35, curtis osterhoudt wrote:

One which should be easy and probably lots of fun would be to set up a microwave doppler system which could detect people moving around the display and give a nice oscilloscope display of their relative movements.

NPS has an acoustical one (much simpler and is less expansive) Stanford has a number of interactive displays; don't know if on a web site.

Try Rick Pam (Please don't tell him I sent you.)

Then there's the Exploratorium:

The UCSC Physicorium had a chaotic pendulum. Bob included a PM. In the base several magnets "in opposition" plus an EM driven at a low freq. At the correct freq. and amplitude the pendulum wouldn't stop.

bc maintained and added to it until it's demise. (ca 1987)

p.s. Also an analog computer designed to show trajectories (adjustable angle and muzzle speed, kinescope display). Apple II orbits at various relativistic speeds. [Programmed by a grad student for Joel Primack (ca 1985)]. Harmonic summer (> 10 harmonic oscillators w/ display)