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[Phys-l] The Battle over a possible new paradigm in gravity theory heats up.

The blogs are raging and the commentary runs the gamut from Verlinde is an
incompetent fraud to hailing in a possible revolution in our understanding
of gravity. Of course this has particular interest to me in that I have
posting on the connection between gravity and entropy for a while, mostly in
the context of Dark Energy. Verlinde seems to have made the great leap in
this class of gravity models. Some think he has leaped off into the abyss of
crackpot physics, others that he has uncovered a deep truth about
gravity. However both T Hooft and Smolin think Verlinde is making some sense so
maybe there is something to this. See below.

Bob Zannelli

Newtonian gravity in loop quantum gravity
Authors: _Lee Smolin_
(Submitted on 20 Jan 2010)

Abstract: We apply a recent argument of Verlinde to loop quantum gravity,
to conclude that Newton's law of gravity emerges in an appropriate limit
and setting. This is possible because the relationship between area and
entropy is realized in loop quantum gravity when boundaries are imposed on a
quantum spacetime.