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Re: [Phys-l] heat/energy

From: WC Maddox

1. If going on wilderness survival trip remember to pack battery powered drill and extra batteries.
2. If tested in class room check for location of smoke detectors first.
3. If you have PASCO's Data Studio/Science Workshop setup they also have this:
Thermal Hammer
Measure the temperature increase caused by the impact of your "hammer". Just connect this Thermal Hammer to any PASPORT Sensor with a temperature port, your Xplorer GLX temperature port, or to the ScienceWorkshop Thermistor Temperature Sensor.
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On 1/28/2010 12:54 PM, Dr. Richard Tarara wrote:
A great technique for WILDERNESS SURVIVAL! ;-)

One year, I had the students try making fire by the friction of two peices
of wood. I had a group of boys who did it the traditional way by using a
wooden dowel and a loose bow to rotate the dowel at a fast rate. I also had
a group of girls, who figured it out a faster way of doing it, by placing
the*dowel in the chuck of a drill*. A*fter a few minutes of pressing it hard
into the bottom board, they quickly got smoke and fire.*

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