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Re: [Phys-l] MIT world video, "Teaching the Second Law"

curtis osterhoudt wrote:
Some professors weigh in on teaching the 2nd law of Thermo. Interesting takes on where students get hung up.

Down with categorical imperative!
Before I fell asleep at the wheel, I heard one speaker offer that entropy is a sticking point with students on account of its time directionality. But, that one day, it might turn into a conservation law like energy-mass.

Which reminds me: there is at least one metaphysicist who notes that the universal property of entropy, which is to increase with time, leads immediately to the postdiction that in former ages, universal entropy was progressively lower with -T ending (beginning?) with a very cold very structured very small thing.... This conception is so unlikely that there might rather be some
uber-gestalt of constant entropy, from which, some universe of high entropy might appear, while another universe might issue, better corresponding to the low entropy predecession that we envisage.

Brian W