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[Phys-l] Humor Was: Re: [tap-l] Newton's apple story

Very funny!


On 2010, Jan 20, , at 09:27, John Hubisz wrote:

Now that you have heard of the importance of the apple tree to Newton, how many of you know the importance of the pear tree to Carl Anderson, Nobel Prize winner in physics? Carl David Anderson was sitting under a pear tree one day examining his latest photographic plates when all of a sudden he was hit on the head by a pear that immediately split in two. He immediately exclaimed, "That's it! Pair production!"

John Hubisz

David Maiullo wrote:
Hi Tappers,

Came across this on the first day of our semester (today), and thought it nice to share to the group.,01280428273

Enjoy, and happy new semester to all!