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Re: [Phys-l] Fun/cool unit conversion example?

I thought I would ask here to see if anyone had a neat unit conversion
example that left you with a sense of "huh, I didn't know that" or "that was
cool!" or something similar.

Perhaps too trivial for your purposes, but the conversion from mph to feet/sec is 3/2, to within about 3%. Simple to derive, good as a simple exercise of doing math in their head (how to take one-and-a-half, or inversely 2/3, of something**). Gets them doing the conversion (and something to ponder) while driving (especially) or biking or hiking or running, for example.

Stefan Jeglinski

** which also leads to pondering/learning why, when they multiply by 1/2 and add, the inverse is not to multiply by 1/2 and subtract.