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Re: [Phys-l] A geek's observations on "Avatar"

I wrestled with this concept.
I started from the idea that sunglass optics set out to reflect or absorb
UV and some visible. To block 110% UV then, is to (say) reflect all the incident
UV component, and in addition up convert some other incident component
to provide an enhanced reflected UV beam: from the visible and IR I imagine.
ZBLAN glass, possibly. Diamond impregnated plastic operates as a down converter,
unfortunately - else imagine the buzz cachet.

In this conception, anyone looking at these sunglasses from the outside,
takes an enhanced risk of retinal sunburn....

Brian W

chuck britton wrote:
Bought a pair of real cheap sunglasses once - just because they were labeled as blocking 110% of all UV.

I couldn't figure out the 'magic' that might result from this.