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Re: [Phys-l] Hybrid mileage

I don't think, why not. I apologize, especially as I need to for my heart and sarcoidosis.

bc thinks especially since the climate is so mild, not as in San Diego, but our deck high lately is 20 C +. Clear nite sky, so low about 2 C

On 2010, Jan 06, , at 08:19, Dr. Richard Tarara wrote:

Nobody here should have to explain or apologize for their driving habits--or
any of their lifestyle. Those who can and do walk, cycle, car-pool,
etc.--great, but don't try to pretend or demand or even strongly suggest
that everyone else can do the same. All of our circumstances are different.


Richard W. Tarara
Professor of Physics
Saint Mary's College
Notre Dame, IN
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From: "Rauber, Joel" <Joel.Rauber@SDSTATE.EDU>

I agree, and if the option had been available last March when I purchased
the car I would've gone that route. Ideally I would do more walking; but
there are family factors regarding kids and other personal issues that make
that more difficult. Before marriage and kids I always walked to work; even
in the -15 F weather.


Joel Rauber, Ph.D

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