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Re: [Phys-l] Hybrid mileage

Same characteristic for the Honda Civic hybrid.


Gregory Puskar
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"Pete Lohstreter" 01/05/10 3:18 PM >>>
Forum for Physics Educators writes:
A colleague asked me why it is that she consistently gets 6-8 mpg
less in the winter than summer with her Prius Hybrid. Her mechanic
said that that was "normal," but gave no explanation. Nor can I. She
said that she uses the heater in the winter about as much as the air
conditioner in the summer.

I too have noticed this with my Prius. I notice that the engine runs
longer (and more often) to keep the engine warm. That could explain it.
I get the best milage in the spring and fall when the outside temperature
is about 60F.


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