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[Phys-l] Separating inertial mass and g mass. Was: Re: a different kind of math background quiz

Speaking of: You all know the mass of a simple pendulum's bob (a physical also) serves both as an inertial mass, as in a spring oscillator, and also as a gravitational mass (a non-linear spring). Since Eötvös, they are the same. However, they are not the same if the pendulum is not so simple. I mean when the bob is immersed in a fluid. A minor matter if the bob is in air (Horologists, correctly disagree.), but always a serious matter if the fluid is water. Pray tell, how does one write the diff. eq. to make the correction. I've done this, and its solution disagrees w/ the horological lit. Perhaps I've done it correctly and the horological correction is an approximation or I'm too maths challenged to convert.


On 2009, Dec 31, , at 13:37, John Clement wrote:

The use of weight is inappropriate
and should be "massing" to try to separate weight from mass, and the
magnitudes display a lack of understanding of simple metric units as the
masses are a bit too large for typical objects.