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Re: [Phys-l] good specific heat materials

As suggested use a bunch of metals, and then check the Dulong and Petit law.

For those doing the more advanced method than mixtures, as suggested by M. Meyer, heat a metal thru its phase transition(s). For real** fun do it for various single binary alloys (both heating and cooling) (e.g. Pb-Sn solders) and create the phase diagram!

** preceding only imaginary.

At the same time they could measure the conductivity(temp.) of Gd. That 's how one may qualitatively (quantitatively?) determined its purity. i.e. the greater the discontinuity the purer. It's reflectivity changes also!

bc used for disst.

On 2010, Jan 03, , at 10:55, John Denker wrote:

Gadolinium is great fun, because of the heat capacity
spike due to the Curie point (near room temperature).
The effect is big enough for not-very-skilled students
to observe with crude apparatus. More advanced students
(undergrad physics majors) can measure it much more
accurately, compare to theory, et cetera.