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Re: [Phys-l] Phys-l madness

At 10:30 -0500 15/10/10, John Clement wrote:
If you look at my previous posts, you will see that I have carefully made
distinctions between religious groups.

Thank you John, you have made it clear that I would not have been right to have interpreted your comments as equating religion in general with anti-science. Terminology can be unhelpful here of course, because there are many people who consider themselves creationists because they believe that the universe was created and is sustained by a God, without seeing that as any reason to argue with such theories as the big bang and evolution by natural selection as possible means by which this was achieved. Of course, they may be careful about using the term creationist about themselves for obvious reasons. I have not come across these anti-science groups who have religious underpinnings/motivations here yet (in the context of denying global warming on non-evidential grounds), so perhaps that is an 'import' I can look forward to in due course.

At 10:30 -0500 15/10/10, John Clement wrote:
I don't see the pro global warming camp using religious justifications for
their conviction. They do use moral ideas to justify intervention.

I would agree that we should not confuse the two. Anyone who is convinced that significant global warming is occurring should be expected to take a moral stance on how we collectively should respond: I don't see any reason to distinguish people in terms of religious convictions in that regard.

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