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Re: [Phys-l] Greenhouse

Garrett Hardin told me the greenhouse effect didn't apply to horticultural ones; that the warming was due to insulation and preventing the wind just as with a house. The glass admitted the necessary light for the plants. If he were alive today, I'm certain he'd be making fun of the deniers.


On 2010, Oct 14, , at 10:02, brian whatcott wrote:

I had understood that a CO2 enriched environment has the curious
effect of passing shorter wavelength
and stopping longer wavelengths?

I expect the illustrious authors are making the point ( well-taken?)
that this effect - if true - has very
little to do with the mechanism by which actual green houses maintain
a warmer than ambient environment
but only the consequential results of greenhouse-like effects?

I am just guessing of course - but if this is the case, the paper would
surely provide valuable input
at the junior high level, would it not?