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Re: [Phys-l] Prof. Hal Lewis resigns from APS

Pseudoscience has nothing to do with holding an unpopular position outside the current consensus. I wish people would stop stating this as if there were some weighty truth to it. There are specific criteria for pseudoscience: irrefutable arguments, exegesis, non-reproducible data, etc. One can easily show how certain topics like "Bermuda Triangle", Chioropractry, Iridology, etc., meet the criteria. "Popularity" is not one of those criteria.

Bob at PC

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Sent: Monday, October 11, 2010 4:49 PM
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Subject: Re: [Phys-l] Prof. Hal Lewis resigns from APS

Of course pseudoscientific generally refers to the fringe that doesn't like
the current scientific models. After all the body of science is determined
by the majority consensus of scientists. That can and does change with
time, but until it changes the minority is opinion is either a deprecated
model, or a fringe pseudoscientific model.