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Re: [Phys-l] The disappearing final exam

Yes, but IE produces even bigger gain because it is using continuous
formative assessment as students are continuously testing their ideas.
Reconsolidation can explain this result, and I have mentioned this cognitive
effect before.

So they got a 16% effect, and missed the larger effect produced by IE.

John M. Clement
Houston, TX

"Such views are not only increasingly shared among professors, but also
backed up by a growing number of studies. One such study, published last
year, focused on more than 1,500 students taking algebra at Richard J.
Daley College in Chicago between 2004 and 2006. M. Vali Siadat, the
chairman of the math department there, compared the outcomes of algebra
students who took weekly, cumulative quizzes over the course of the
semester with those who received less rigorous, regular assessment.

"Those tested weekly not only did better on the midterm and the final
exams, but better overall, outperforming their classmates who did not
receive regular quizzing by about 16 percent by the end of the semester.
With regular, cumulative testing, Siadat concluded, the students were
simply better prepared."

The test has been canceled - The Boston Globe