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Re: [Phys-l] Resonant frequency

iOn 09/26/09 05:46, Ken Fox wrote:
A student at my high school is looking for a resource on the resonant
frequency of a glass, or a beaker, and the effect of adding water. This is a
Physics project and a capable student. Can anyone point us to a good
resource. Much appreciated.

It rings like a bell.

which lead to

and tons of others.

If you want really hard-core physics info, throw some
physics buzzwords into the search:


If by any chance you are interested in the resonance of
the _air_ inside the vessel (as opposed to the deflection
of the solid walls of the vessel) that is much simpler.
Treat it as a Helmholtz resonator. A good reference is
the book _On the Sensations of Tone_ by some guy named
Helmholtz. It's readily available as a Dover reprint.