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Re: [Phys-l] Alpha decay intensity against distance

On 2009, Sep 19, , at 13:55, Bernard Cleyet wrote:

has a coupala weak gammas that are convenient for fluorescence of
high Z nuclei.


The Am-241 is for low to medium Z atoms NOT nuclei; fluorescence is excited by the ~ 60 KeV gammas. This is a common expt. done to duplicate Moseley more conveniently w/ gammas instead of fast electrons, etc. For high Z atoms a nearly dead iron Mössbauer source is useful (Co-57 ~ 122 keV **).

** mostly, as w/ all electron capture decays, the emission is complicated including electrons.

bc has incipient Alzheimer's

p.s. "Because of Moseley's death in the War, the British government began a policy of no longer allowing their scientists to enlist for combat."