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Re: [Phys-l] transformer question

In searching for the validity limit of Poiseuille's law [length/ diameter > ?] I found a paper on the validity of Kozeny-Carman formulae in porous media (e.g. sandstone) using lumped resistance meshes!!

bc gave up

BTW anyone know if (length / diameter) > 10 is "good"? I suppose it'll vary according to the flow rate (changing the Reynolds' #), etc.

p.s. for the curious: 10113412.pdf

On 2009, Aug 14, , at 15:35, John Denker wrote:

I don't recall hearing or reading anything about non-ideal
transformers or mutual inductances ... but they *did* tell
us "the same equations have the same solutions" and if we
live to be 2000 we will never forget that. And the equations
for inductors are almost the same as the equations for
capacitors, given a trivial change of variables.