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Re: [Phys-l] Greenhouse gases

Casting around for context, I recall that greenhouse gases attract that name by
acting like a blanket while passing light, and I recall the warnings that it is too easy to become sunburned on an overcast day.
On the basis of these possibly irrelevant, even doubtful data,
I need to vote for D

Brian W

Ken Fox wrote:
I am not at all sure what the mechanism for the process in this question is.
This comes from a recent IB Physics exam, aimed at a Honors HS or early
college level student. I'd like to be able to explain it on that level.

Greenhouse gases
A reflect IR radiation but absorb UV radiation.
B reflect UV radiation but absorb IR radiation
C transmit IR radiation but absorb UV radiation
D transmit UV radiation but absorb IR radiation

I apparently don't know what happens to photons when they interact with any
kind of material, (metals, dielectrics or gases) to ultimately just be
absorbed, transmitted or reflected. Is there a brief answer?

Thank you

Ken Fox
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