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[Phys-l] Glauber-Ising: Help!

Hi all-
There is a famous paper by Roy Glauber (Harvard), which showed how to add dynamics to the Ising model which, as originally formulated, considered only equilibrium thermodynamics: J. Math. Phys. 6 (1963) 204. I have been working with a model, based on the paper, for the past several months. I have just had occasion to check Eq, 88 of the paper, assertely based upon Eq. 55, and I have concluded that the equation is wrong. Not only that, I have convinced myself of the way that one could have easily made the mistake that I think I found.
Furthermore, it seems to me that the second equation in Equations 94 does not follow from the first (the first equation is esentially Eq. 88). Eq. 94 leads directly to a known result for the equilibrium model,
so there may be compensating errors.
The paper has had hundreds, if not thousands, of citations, but I can find no hint of a recognized error. The issue is just a matter of high school algebra,
Anybody disagree with me? Or cast any light on the matter? Thsi part of the paper deals with a side issue, so that the error, if I am correct, does not detract from the main point of the paper which has given rise to a ubiquitous cottage industry.

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