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[Phys-l] PASCO Professional Development Alerts

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/Please forward to science chairs or trainers./

*Learn how to use your Xplorer GLX*
*Free Live Online Training -- Register Now!*

PASCO Online GLX Workshop <>

Join our trainers and learn how to get started using your Xplorer GLX as a standalone datalogger.

*"Getting Started with the Xplorer GLX"* <>

*Thursday, January 15th*

Two sessions: 12:30 pm and 3:30 PM (PST).

*Attend a session:*

* Learn how to perform a basic data collection activity.
* Get answers to your questions in real time.

Participants can also share discoveries and learn about additional GLX resources.

Register Now <>

*More in 2009:*

* *February 4, 2009* ? Getting Started with the SPARK - /*NEW*/
* *February 24, 2009* ? Getting Started with the SPARK - /*NEW*/
* *March 26, 2009* ? Biology with PASCO: Respiration of Germinating
Seeds - /*NEW*/
* *April 8, 2009* ? Chemistry with PASCO: Boyle?s Law - /*NEW*/
* *April 28, 2009* ? Physics with PASCO: Conservation of Energy -
* *May 13, 2009* ? Earth Science with MyWorld GIS: Plate Tectonics -

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