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[Phys-l] Gender Issues in Science/Math Education (GISME)

Some physics educators might be interested in"Gender Issues in Science/Math Education (GISME)" [Hake & Mallow (2008)].

Richard Hake, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Indiana University
24245 Hatteras Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Hake, R.R. & J.V. Mallow. 2008. "Gender Issues in Science/Math Education (GISME): Over 700 Annotated References & 1000 URL's: Part 1 - All References in Alphabetical Order; and Part 2 - Some References in Subject Order; both online as ref. 55 at <>. Part 2 subjects are:
(a) Affirmative Action;
(b) Constructivism: Educational and Social;
(c) Drivers Of Education Reform and Gender Equity: Economic Competitiveness
and Preservation of Life on Planet Earth;
(d) Education and the Brain;
(e) Gender & Spatial Visualization;
(f) Harvard President Summers' Speculation on Innate Gender Differences in
Science and Math Ability;
(g) Hollywood Actress Danica McKellar's book "Math Doesn't Suck";
(h) Interactive Engagement;
(i) International Comparisons;
(j) Introductory Physics "Curriculum S" (for Synthesis);
(k) Is There a Female Science? - Pro & Con;
(l) Schools Shortchange Girls (or is it Boys)?;
(m) Sex Differences in Mathematical Ability: Fact or Artifact?;
(n) Status of Women Faculty at MIT.