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[Phys-l] Why to trim (not reply w/ full quote). Was: Re: art of teaching #2

RH missed another very important point. At least one list, of which I'm a member, is incapable of translating HTML, as a result originally rich or HTML text in the digest version is filled w/ those dammed tags if one replies w/ rich text.

bc thinks it rather strange that that list is hosted by the AAPT.

On 2008, Sep 24, , at 10:58, Richard Hake wrote:

c. Many discussion list participants subscribe to list Digests
(evidently not available for Phys-L). If subscribers continually
repeat posts, that repeat posts, that repeat posts, that . . . . . .
. . . . . . then Digest subscribers must scroll though pages of
redundant posts to find new material.