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Re: [Phys-l] Parapsychology and AAAS

At 10:05 AM 6/26/2007, wrote:

Does anyone know the story of how Parapsychology became recognized as
science by the AAAS? Apparently this is still true. Does anyone know if there are
any efforts underway to oppose the
continued inclusion of Parapsychology in the AAAS?

Bob Zannelli

.... ignorance and fear
...fancy, enthusiasm, or deceit...
that weakness ...credulity.... custom,
respect and tyranny....
the blindness of men......


Though the classical experiments may have shown
small if significant effects, they were in general
mind-numbingly boring. Lately, psychologists
have made more useful contributions to direct
mind control, of mechanisms and of muscles and
via the signalling by minor active muscle fibers
to remote enervated muscles.

I cannot suggest that these developments constitute
obvious facets of parapsychology. Still the
mind set can be helpful, it appears.

You will recall that electroencephalic signal
responses to fleeting visual stimuli have been
connected to measures of intelligence for example.
The helmet needed for this kind of effort is not
what you would want to wear for every day tasks.
Still such signals can control equipment hands-off.

Even more cumbersome, positron emission tomography
(PET scanning) has been used to connect evoked
concepts directly with the brain areas which they

Lately I recall, blood vessel volume in the neck has
been used as a simple proxy for mentally directed
unvoiced controlof equipment.

Non-contact eyeball followers using infra-red tracking
have provided interesting correspondences
between subjects' center of attention and the
dynamic visual scan of interesting images
presented to them.
"Look" control of some aircraft functiuonality
in adverse conditions has been used if I recall.
Voice control of vehicles is becoming a commercial
reality, after a very long gestation of the inverse
function of text to voice converters.
It turned out that voice to
(meaningful) text was difficult.
[ "Say Yes to accept, No to decline"]
Straw-blowing is now a mainstream method by which
paraplegics may interact, e.g. with computer terminals.

Wandering even further along this thread of hands-off
effects - I browsed a paper written by bc's clock-maker
friend, today. It was to the effect that a moderate
west coast earthquake had shaken several of his
pendulum clocks to a stop, and caused another to
registering a one second loss,while the same electronic clock
monitor/recording device had shown a pendulum disturbance
at a very well-isolated distant pendulum clock on the East coast,
after the propagation time delay from the same event.

But then, I remember that pigeons have been shown to
register sub-audible low sound frequencies emanating
from the wind over mountain ranges at distances of
hundreds of miles.

I expect that some of these effects are as unexpected
to a physics list reader as the effects that
parapsychologists test for....

Brian Whatcott Altus OK Eureka!