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Re: [Phys-l] optical center : real-life physics

Another anecdotal instance on Large vs.. Small progressive lenses. I have worn progressive lenses for about 15 years through 4 changes in lenses. Prior to this last set, they were all large format lensews. The most recent pair (about 3 weeks) is small. I'm fingding them usable, but far less satisfactory.
Jim Goff
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From: "Polvani, Donald G." <>
Thanks to BC for the following progressive lens reference:

Here's another that semi-answerrs your question, I think.

This references discusses the effect of making lenses smaller on
progressive lens performance. I have worn progressive lenses (Varilux)
for a number of years now with large lenses. My wife tried progressive
lenses last year with a pair of modern (small lens) frames. She
couldn't adjust and had to go back to bifocals. When I mentioned the
possibility of the smaller lens making the lens design more difficult
(and the adjustment more difficult) the optician said no.

I have just ordered a new pair of progressive lenses (still Varilux) in
a smaller lens frame. I will find out first hand any differences in
performance (or ease of adjustment) between my present large frame or
the new small frame lenses.

Don Polvani
Northrop Grumman Corp.
Undersea Systems
Annapolis, MD
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